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Fellow Citizen of Cascais,

We are all proud of our hometown, where we live, work or study, but we are all aware that Cascais could be a much better place. This requires vision, determination and an ambitious plan. We need to move away from decades of inaction. We need to break free from a municipal management rooted in the past.

In Cascais we all, without exception, have the right to live how we choose, to make decisions for ourselves, to strive, and to work towards fulfilling our dreams. This is called freedom and is at the core of being liberal. This is what we propose for Portugal and for Cascais.

Iniciativa Liberal presents you Cascais 2025, our ambitious plan for our hometown. It is our vision for turning Cascais into a more developed, a more socially balanced and a more sustainable territory. A place where we all should be able to enjoy better municipal services and better mobility. A place with a more responsible, more responsive and more transparent municipal management. In short, a liberal Cascais.

Liberal Greetings,
Iniciativa Liberal Cascais